Welcome to Derbyshire Scriptwriters.  Find out here about the history of the group, what we do, and about our members.  For up to the minute information and news please click on the link to our Blog.


Derbyshire Scriptwriters has had to postpone the monthly meetings and put our plans on hold due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, but we're still here, still writing, and still supporting each other by exchanging information and opportunities and critiquing scripts.

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Derbyshire Scriptwriters (DSW) have been meeting since 1997 developing our scripts for various genres including film, television, theatre and radio. We have received grants and funding from a number of sources and have provided training in script development, treatment writing and script reading etc. for our members and guests.

Our members have won script writing awards and competitions, and several have had their work broadcast, screened and performed on TV, stage, radio and at the cinema. Some members write in other genres and share an interest in scriptwriting and script reading and others just enjoy being part of the group.

We hold regularly monthly meetings at Derby Museum during which we constructively criticise scripts, and share information on networking, competitions, funding, training, jobs and writing opportunities.  We have provided bursaries for members attending script writing courses, and we have hosted script writing event days for members and guests. 

Our aim is to enjoy writing our own scripts while supporting other members by reading and critiquing their scripts.  We support each other to improve our skills, to benefit our career opportunities, and always strive to create scripts which offer great experiences for actors and audiences. 

Our members:

For further information about our members click on ‘Members’ Biographies’ above.