27 July 2017


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Andy Cattanach (CoCHR)
Chrissie Hall (CoCHR)
Richard Layton (SEC)
Michael Bradley (TR)

Brian Southwood
David Leicester
Rishi Thacker
Tina Hook (Tribute Biog)
Maitland Rowley
Graham Sellors
Diana Stone
Annie Wake
Emma Coates
Isabel Payne
LJC King
Kevin Hill
S Sangha

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Derbyshire Scriptwriters (DSW) have been meeting since 1997, developing our scripts for various genres including film, television, theatre and radio. We have successfully provided training in various areas such as script development, treatment writing and script reading.

Several of our members have had their work showcased on TV, stage, radio and at the cinema.

DSW hold regularly monthly meetings at which we constructively criticise scripts and share information on networking, competitions and other writing opportunities.

Our aim is to continuously improve our writing skills and increase awareness of funding/training opportunities that will further the careers of all our members.



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