Chrissie Hall

I am a founder member of DSW, and current Chair. I graduated as a mature student from Derby Uni where I had a life-changingly great time! Along with other writing graduates we founded DSW because we wanted to continue to benefit from those crucial constructive criticism sessions we enjoyed at University.

Writing can be a solitary business, and the support and inspiration of other working writers is priceless. Derbyshire Scriptwriters provide this :-)) I enjoy working on scripts for other members and I really appreciate the time and effort other writers in the group put into my scripts.


I work on creative writing/arts and well-being projects and teach/facilitate other creative writers and Life Writing students in various locations including Denman College. I also write, but I am extraordinarily skilled at finding reasons not to. To see more about my work visit my website


I have a little book with a list of one-liner ideas I want to turn in to projects eventually, and a collection of 1st/2nd/3rd draft scripts which I began - and want to finish eventually. These include radio plays and shorts for pub theatre/festivals and some short stories.


My writing ambition is to finish what I start! My ambition for DSW is to work collaboratively with a group of local actors and produce an evening of exciting new short plays in a non arts venue.


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