Tina Hook (TRIBUTE)


It is with great sadness that DSW announces the death of Tina Petrice Hook, one of our founder members, a former chair and good friend to many, including many writers. Tina died suddenly at home on April 4th 2012 aged 51 after a short illness patiently accepted. Tina will be greatly missed by all her family and many friends, she will be especially missed by members of Derbyshire Scriptwriters who worked closely and happily with her over many years and we send our sympathy to her family. Tina was a supportive friend, and a talented writer whose work spanned several genres. Tina wrote successful short stories, stage scripts and short films many of which were published, screened, broadcast and performed. As well as scripting short films Tina became involved in camera work and directing. Tina's biography will remain on DSW website as a tribute to her.

I'm a founder member of DSW, and write scripts for film and theatre. My first screenplay, a short film called Pick and Mix, was selected by TAPS (Training and Performance Showcase) in 1999 for their Writers' Showcase, and another script, Crossing Over, was chosen by TAPS for development in 2001.


2002 also saw a short play, Innocence and Experience, staged at Derby Playhouse's studio theatre. In 2004 I completed a film course run by the Mediaworks Trust, which resulted in a short film, I Told You, being made and screened at Derby's Metro Cinema. In the last couple of years I've written comedy sketches for local youth productions and would like to do comedy for radio and/or TV (wouldn't we all?). I am currently working on both a short and a feature-length screenplay, both with supernatural themes, and dearly hoping someone might film them one day!


I've been writing seriously since around the time I joined DSW, though I had been tinkering with it for some years before really knuckling down. I tend to focus on supernatural stories with a psychological bias, and would love to have a go at historical drama.


I also write poetry and take part in local poetry readings. I've had short stories and Morning Thoughts broadcast on local radio.


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